Farm Information Bureau is one of the State Government institutions established in 1969 .It acts as a single nodal agency to provide active and complete information support to hasten the extension and development activities of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Dairy development Departments. Social media has evolved as one of the most effective tool for dissemination of information in Agriculture sector. FIB entered in to new innovative media of communication by promoting young talents of farming sector through various innovative extension processes.
Though the technologies flourishes and develop day –by –day, but the quantum that absorb by the aged farming community is less and there by adoption. Now, to prevent the loss of technology and new developments for the future, it is mandatory or else inevitable to attract the young blood in to farming. Here Farm Information Bureau is playing a vital role, which can easily connect the aged farming community with young generation in an interesting way by feeding the information which flavours the young cohort towards farming. It works as a link between research stations and farming community by disseminating right scientific knowledge to the right person at the right time and provide feedback to research stations for next betterment.